Pool skimmer Marine

Made of AISI 316L acid-resistant stainless steel.

Water leaves the pool through the skimmer which increases the surface flow rate and moves surface debris into the skimmer. The debris are collected in a filter basket and the water flows on to the sand filter for particle cleaning.

For liner pools. Flow capacity max 12 m3/h.


•  Polished front
•  Acid proof stainless steel
•  Vertically adjustable collar
•  Flap weir made of stainless steel
•  Polished, pattern-rolled cover
•  Equipped with large, high-capacity filter basket
•  Connection for water level control
•  For installation in all types of liner pools
•  Available as short, standard and extended

Skimmer for liner swimming pools

With openings for water filling, overflow and cable bushing for water level control.


Type standard

Item no. 124988



Type extended

Item no. 124998