2. Disinfection

The most widely used and effective agents are those that contain chlorine or bromine. Chlorine is available in different types for different purposes: calcium chloride, day chlorine, calcium chlorine, shock chlorine or weekly chlorine (multi chlorine).



Calcium hypochlorite daily chlorination

Daily chlorination is the most effective way to disinfect pool water. Calcium hypochlorite in small tablets dissolve slowly and releases chlorine into the pool water.

Dosage: For seasonal start up, maintenance dosing or shock chlorination, see instructions on the package.

Handling: Place the tablets in the filter basket of the skimmer or in a chlorine dispenser. Always read the label and product informa-tion on the package.

Daily chlorination is a highly effective disinfection of the pool water!

Calcium hypochlorite, shock chlorination

Shock chlorination is the same as daily chlorination but in granular form. The granules dissolve quickly to give the pool water a rapid and powerful chlorine boost. Daily as well as shock chlorination raise the pH of the water.

Dosage: At the start of the season calcium chlorine / shock chlorine granules are added. During the season, if high bath load and / or high temperature, dosage should be increased. See instructions on the package.

Handling: Dissolve the correct amount of granulates in a bucket of warm water. Add the water before the chemicals. Then, add the solution gently into the skimmer or along the edge of the pool. Always read the label and product information on the package.

Balance the pH level with pH-lowering agents after each shock chlorination.

Weekly chlorination, multi chlorine

For weekly chlorination use a product containing slow-acting trichlorisocyanuric acid. The tablets are placed in the skimmer or in a dispenser. Multi chlorine also contains flocculants and algaecide. When using weekly chlorination, regular shock chlorination with calcium hypochlorite is recommended.

Dosage: Weekly chlorine must be used with restraint. Pahlén recommends that 70% of the chlorination occurs with daily chlorine/ calcium chloride.

Handling: Place the tablet in the skimmer or in a chlorine dispenser. The chlorine level should be checked every third day. The pool water should be shock treated every 2-4 weeks, depending on bath load. Always read the label and product information on the package.

Weekly chlorination lowers the pH of the water, which can be balanced by shock chlorination.