Electric swimming pool heaters

An electric heater is easy to connect to the existing electrical power-mains and provides full power round the clock. The water from the swimming pool’s circulation flows through the heater and is heated by the heating element. The heaters are compact and can be installed in all types of pool or spa. Pahlén electric heaters have at capacity range from 1,5 to 60kW. The smaller heaters within the range 1 to 3kW suit smaller pools and spas. Heaters in the range 3 to 18kw is for larger in ground and above ground pool while the lager heaters from 18 to 60kW is made for public facilities.

Pahlén manufactures electric heaters for spas, swimming pools and large adventure pools.

The materials used are AISI 316L acid-proof stainless steel, titanium and thermoplastic. All the electric heaters are designed for continuous flow with the lowest possible pressure drop. All Pahlén pool heaters are supplied with a thermostat as well as an overheating cutout. For extra security, a flow switch or pressure switch protects the heating element from damage if the flow to the heater is insufficient.


Triple safety!

– Aqua HL and MidiHeat are both equipped with dual contactors as an additional safety if one contactor should fail.
– The flow switch provides an additional safety if the water flow is too low.
– The overheating limit control provides an additional safety against overheating.
All these together give a triple safety that protects the product and the heating elements.