UV-disinfection Auto-UV titanium

High-efficiency ultraviolet disinfection of pool water whith Auto-UV titan

Safe and efficient disinfection of your pool water. The Pahlén Auto-UV titanium is designed for disinfection of water in pools and spas. With the Auto-UV titanium you can reduce your chlorine consumption by up to 70%. The result is less bound chlorine, which makes for a more pleasant bathing environment without irritations like red eyes, the smell of chlorine or the risk of allergies.

Safe and efficient disinfection of your pool water with Auto-UV titan

Optimal neutralisation of bacteria, viruses and algae. The UV lamp produces short-wave ultraviolet UVC radiation with a 254 nm wavelength. This wavelength is optimal for neutralising bacteria, viruses and algae. As a result your pool water is crystal-clear and pleasant. When the Auto-UV is in operation this is shown by a blue indicator at the top of the unit.

Operation indicator shows the number of hours the unit has been in operation

Since the Auto-UV is made of titanium it is highly corrosion-resistant. It functions extremely well in fresh water pools and spas and is also suitable for pools fitted with a salt chlorinator. The Auto-UV is supplied with adjustable stainless steel wall brackets to make installation easier. The electronic box has an adjustment control, electronic hours counter and on/off switch.


Supplement Auto-UV with the advanced and intelligent MiniMaster for private pools. The Auto-UV titanium is recommended together with Pahlén’s highly advanced MiniMaster for private pools. MiniMaster offers you continuous monitoring to safeguard water quality in the same way as in public baths and large hotel pools, as well as the option of automatic dosing (disinfection).


MiniMaster is based on the same technology as Pahlén’s well-known Autodos. With a MiniMaster installed in your pool, you need never again worry about your water quality – because MiniMaster handles it all automatically.

The combination of Auto-UV, MiniMaster and salt chlorinator offers you an easy to manage pool giving you the freedom to enjoy the ultimate in swimming and bathing pleasure.

Easy to install

UV-lamp encased in casing made of titanium

Neutralising of bacteria, viruses and algae

With the Auto-UV titanium you can reduce your chlorine content by up to 70%.


•  UV lamp encased in casing made of titanium
•  Electronic box contains adjustment control, timer and on/off switch
•  Digital counter
•  Built-in indicator for alerting when lamp needs to be replaced
•  UV lamp for optimal neutralisation of bacteria, viruses and algae
•  Reduces the concentration of combined chlorine in the pool
•  Light indicator shows operation status in a blue light
•  Delivered complete in one single unit
•  Easy to install

Item no. 417760

Auto-UV titanium 75W


Item no. 417770

Auto-UV titanium 130W