Pahlén pool heat exchangers for fast and flexible heating

A heat exchanger is used to transfer heat energy from one medium to another without the two media being mixed. Pahlén heat exchangers with cross flow operation produce high output and have excellent heat transfer capability. All the models can be installed and connected to electric, firewood, pellet or oil-fired boilers, and to a heat pump and solar panel systems.


Optimized for high capacity and low pressure drop

Pahlén swimming pool heat exchangers are available as tube and as spiral heat exchangers and they are optimized for high capacity and low pressure drop. Both are cross flow models, that is the hot medium flows in the opposite direction to the cold medium, which gives a maximum output.

The heat exchangers are designed and made of materials that permit their use for a wide variety of needs and in many different types of installations. Which heat exhanger to choose depends on many various factores. Feel free to use the Swimming pool heat exchanger calculator as a guide in the process.


Use Pahlén calculator for heat exchangers