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Top quality swimming pool equipment and enterprise

Pahlén is a genuine Swedish company with 50 years experience of manufacture of quality products for swimming pools. We offer equipment for small private pools as well as large public facilities. The products are made of bronze, acid-proof stainless steel, titanium and thermoplastic, first-rate quality materials, a guarantee for an outstanding lifetime and reliability.


Export to more than 70 countries

70% of the company’s revenue comes from export. Pahlén´s products are available in over 70 countries throughout the world and new markets are constantly being added. We have a broad range of end-users from private individuals, hotels and spas to public facilities and royal residences.



Pahlen maxi flo titanium

Heat exchanger Maxi-Flo Titanium.

Maxi-Flo titanium is a tube heat exchanger made of titanium for the most demanding installations where there is a high risk of corrosion.
Titanium is ideal for swimming pools with salt water or where a salt chlorinator is used.




Maxi-Flo Titanium


Autodos® RAM - Remote Access Monitoring

With Autodos® RAM it is easy to analyze your Autodos-system online. Autodos® RAM is a turn key solution for a complete IT-infrastructure without building own network management.

The cloud service is online and all data is stored on remote secure global servers.



Skimmer Classic Wide 385

Open wide skimmer in a exclusive design. Classic Wide 385 gives high water level with efficient extraction of debris and circulation for liner swimming pools.










Spotlight LED

Spotlight ideal for lighting in spas, pool stairs, fountains or as spotlights in the pool. Made of acid proof stainless steel AISI 316L with a polished front. Supplied as a  complete unit. Cold and warm white are dimmable.





Spotlight LED

Swimming pool pump Pahlen EcoP01

Swimming pool pump EcoP01

Pool pumps of bronz. Suitable for private pools. Capacity 0, 75kW.

A speed controlled pump reduces the operating costs compared with conventional pumps. Lower speeds give lower energy consumption and quieter operation.






Variable speed pump EcoVISE

Three selectable program speeds ensure silent operation, energy savings and more efficient filtration. Built on the same design and performance as WaterVISE, with a high efficiency, synchronous motor. Integrated timer functions and external control of selected speeds.