Top quality swimming pool equipment

Pahlén is a genuine Swedish company with 50 years experience of manufacture of quality products for swimming pools. We offer equipment for small private pools as well as large public facilities. The products are made of bronze, acid-proof stainless steel, titanium and thermoplastic, first-rate quality materials, a guarantee for an outstanding lifetime and reliability.


Invest in genuine Swedish high quality products from Pahlén. Acid-proof stainless steel swimming pool equipment with beautiful design, optimal cleaning system for clean, clear, sparkling water, energy efficient heat pumps and automatic cleaning and dosing equipment that saves both time and money.


Export to more than 70 countries

70% of the company’s revenue comes from export. Pahlén´s products are available in over 70 countries throughout the world and new markets are constantly being added. We have a broad range of end-users from private individuals, hotels and spas to public facilities and royal residences.

Dare to invest in best quality

Install Pahlén products in your pool and get a system where all products are compatible and work perfectly together with high reliability and energy efficiency. Our products are suitable for all types of pools. Choose the latest technology and optimize your facility according to energy and environment.

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