Jet Massage – with easy adjustable jet streams

Uppgrade your pool with Pahlén Jet Massage

Jet Massage consists of a standalone inlet, outlet and start button that combines as desired and up to 6 nozzles. All nozzles are made of acid-proof stainless steel and is available in both Marine and Classic designs. The massage station can be controlled with a Pahlén circulation pump (e.g. FloVISE or P2000FLO) and Pahlén control box.


Recomended flow  capacity max 8-10 m3/h per nozzle.

Indulge in some extra luxury in the pool – Jet Massage

•   2 nozzles soft and medium
•   Combine as desired and up to 6 nozzles
•   Both for private pools and public facilities
•   Meets requirements of pool standard EN 16713
•   Available in both Classic and Marine design
•   Meets the requirements of pool standard EN13451, EN16582, EN16713

Item no. 130571
Start button Classic 350


Item no. 130570
Massage Soft Classic 350


Item no. 130572
Massage Medium Classic 350


Item no. 130561
Start button Classic


Item no. 130560
Massage Soft Classic


Item no. 13005562
Massage Medium Classic

Item no. 130551
Start button Marine 350


Item no. 130550
Massage Soft Marine 350


Item no. 130552
Massage Medium Marine 350


Item no. 130541
Start button Marine


Item no. 130540
Massage Soft Marine


Item no. 130542
Massage Medium Marine

Control box VISE/P2000

Accessories Control box
Control box together with the start button is used to start och stop a pump from the VISE eller P2000 series. The start button can be placed on a optional location in the pool to be connected with the control box via a air hose.