Swimming pool start up

For springtime start up or a newly filled pool, it is important that the pool is started in the right way. Follow this guide and you will be able to enjoy your pool and have a successful bathing season

There are many different types of pools. All pools are unique and conditions may vary. However, there are a few basic instructions that can be followed for all types of pools. This guide describes a pool with chlorinated water. For you that use Baquacil to clean the water, see your dealer’s instructions.

Tip! Before start up!

When starting in the spring, re-install pool components removed for the winter, close drain valves and refit drain plugs.

1. Make sure that you have chemicals at home. If you have left over chemicals from last year, use these first.


2. Make sure that your test kit/measuring instruments are working and that you have test tablets at home. It is important to have a good instrument for accurate

Pahlén does not recommend test strips, as it is difficult to determine the correct values.


3. Make sure that you have all the drain plugs that you removed when closing the pool for the winter. Without these, the pool cannot be started.
A tip! A good place to store these things is in the pumps filter basket.

Autocheck 15

Autocheck 15 is a very simple but effective digital measuring instrument. Autocheck 15 helps you test your values quickly and accurately. Autocheck 15 measures with great accuracy the water’s chlorine content (free and total), alkalinity, pH and cyanuric acid photometrically.

Important steps to follow when starting up the pool.

1. When starting in the spring, re-install pool components removed for the winter, close drain valves and refit drain plugs. Empty the skimmers filter basket from debris.


2. Fill the pool until the water level is in the centre of the skimmer opening.


3. Fill the pumps filter basket housing with water.
NOTE! Never start the pump without water as this might damage the shaft seal.


4. Open the valves of the suction-, return- and drain outlets.


5. Turn the lever on the valve to BACKWASH. Press down handle for easier rotation.


6. Start the pump. When the pump has evacuated the air out of the suction line (after about 1-3 minutes) and water starts passing through the sight glass on the valve drain outlet, rinse for about 1-2 minutes or until the water in the sight glass is clear.

NOTE! Any electric heater must be off. Stop the pump.


7. Turn the lever to RINSE, start the pump and rinse for about 15-30 seconds. Stop the pump and turn the lever to FILTER.
This is the normal operating position. Then close the drain outlet valve and start the pump.

NOTE! Always stop the pump before moving the lever of the valve.


8. Check the pH and adjust it to 7,2-7,6. Chock chlorinate via the skimmer to a chlorine level of 2 ppm (mg/l). With repeated chlorine dosing, wait three hours between tests to give the chlorine time to dissolve. After 24 hours, brush the bottom and sides of the pool clean and vacuum the bottom of the pool.

Time for the first swim of the year!
Pahlén wishes you a pleasant bathing season.