Swimming pool pumps in bronze

We have used our expertise and experience to manufacture high quality pool equipment. Pahlén’s in-house developed centrifugal pool pumps are specially designed for pools, where high demands are made on capacity, steady and quiet operation and long service life without breaks. Pahlén offers a broad range of exclusive and efficient high-quality pool pumps with outstanding performance for either your above ground pool or your in-ground pool use.

The swimming pool pumps and motors are integrated into a single compact unit, which is also equipped with a pre-filter housing.

The pool pumps are an essential part of the pool installation. Pool pumps creates suction in the skimmer and then pushes the water through the pool filter, through the pool heater and then back into the pool via the pool inlets. The strainer basket in the pre-filter effectively collects twigs, leaves, insects and so on and is easy to remove for cleaning. To ensure good quality, the pool water in a private pool should be circulated at least 4-6 times per day to ensure that the pool water is not left stagnant.

The swimming pool pumps are made of high-quality corrosion-free bronze alloy. More than 40 years of experience in manufacture has shown that this is an excellent choice of material for pools.

All Pahlén pool pumps are equipped with a drainage plug for convenient emptying of water, for instance when emptying the pool for the winter.