Top quality swimming pool equipment and enterprise

Pahlén is a genuine Swedish company with 50 years experience of manufacture of quality products for swimming pools. We offer equipment for small private pools as well as large public facilities. The products are made of bronze, acid-proof stainless steel, titanium and thermoplastic, first-rate quality materials, a guarantee for an outstanding lifetime and reliability. All our products are manufactured in our factory in Upplands Väsby.

Highest quality

Long life time and high reliability

Made in Sweden

Pahlén business concept

Is to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of pool equipment for private and commercial swimming pools.

Is to offer pool owners a complete range in the trademark Pahlén Pool System consisting of stainless steel pool equipment, pump, sand filter, heating product, light and other choice through well-educated and qualified distributors.


With the Pahlén Pool System we are offering overall solutions for a pool ownership trouble-free.

Pahlén stand for quality

Quality means that the products we deliver to our customers correspond to the expactations and a trouble-free purchase and ownership.


There is quality in:

  • The design, function and reliability of the Pahlén products
  • The information and service Pahlén supply
  • The undertaking from Pahlén and our distributors


Our customers are:

  • Pool owners (via distributors)
  • Distributors
  • Contractors
  • OEM customers
  • International distributors

Our customers shall look upon Pahlén as the optimum choice with regard to quality, function, design, economy and service.

Our strategy is that it shall be easy to choose a complete pool equipment kit from Pahlén. A delivery from our distributors with Pahlén pool equipment kit provides for a trouble-free purchase and ownership.

Function and design