1. The way to clear water starts with pH regulation and disinfection.

To obtain optimal levels for pH value, a pH adjustment is needed. A pH-raising or pH-lowering agent easiest achieves this. Disinfecting agents work best within a narrow pH range. The water should be neither too acid nor too alkaline.


The ideal pH range for the pool and the human body is between 7.2 and 7.6.


Dosage: Dose a small amount of pH-minus / pH-plus to lower / raise the pH by 0.1 pH units.


Handling: pH-minus/pH-plus granulates are dissolved in a bucket of water. Then, add the solution gently into the skimmer or along the edge of the pool. Measure the pH at regular intervals. Do not add the solution near metal parts. Allow the water to circulate approx. 12h and then measure again, adjust further if necessary. Never mix this product with other chemicals! Always read the label and product information on the packaging.