Classic line swimming pool equipment in acid proof stainless steel

Invest in a superior quality and first-rate equipment! All Pahlen swimming pool equipment is manufactured of polished acid proof stainles steel and bronze to withstand our tough Nordic climate.

Skimmer Classic Wide 385

For liner swimming pools. Made of AISI 316L acid-resistant stainless steel

Skimmer Classic

For embedment in contrete pools. Made of AISI 316L acid-resistant stainless steel.

Inlet Classic

Made of bronze and AISI 316L acid-resistant stainless steel. Suitable for liner, concrete and building-block pools.

Wall and bottom outlet

To prevent stagnant water at the bottom of the pool. Made of acid proof stainless steel.

Suction nozzle Classic

A suction nozzle is recommended near the bottom of the pool to prevent the water from becoming stagnant. Suitable for all types of pools.

Bottom inlet anchoring bracket

A bottom inlet designed for mounting onto the end of a molded PVC pipe. The flow can be regulated in eight different steps on the front of the inlet.

Bottom inlet nozzle

Made of acid proof stainless steel with polished adjustable front. Recommended for larger pools and public facilities. Suitable for concrete pools.

Vacuum hose connection Classic

If the pool is equipped with an overflow, a vacuum hose connection is used for the vacuum hose during cleaning of your pool.

Classic LED

LED light with 16 different programs that provide a fantastic light display in the pool.