Standard routines for good pool water quality

Many believe that there is a lot of work taking care of a pool, but manage the pools circulation system and chemical purification described in this guide, and you can with relatively little maintenance look forward to enjoyable baths in a pool with clean and clear water.


Mainly the pool filter removes the visible dirt. The invisible dirt is not just bacteria that can multiply very quickly and cause problems, but also algae and fungi of various kinds that spread to the pool, where they find a favourable habitat. They are usually fought and controlled with the help of chemicals.


Min: 7,2
Max: 7,6
Tested: 1 time/week

Free chlorine

Min: 0,5 ppm
Max: 1,6 ppm (mg/l)
Tested: 1 time/week


  • Pool water should be shock chlorinated every 2-4 weeks, depending on bath load.
  • Always dose chemicals in the evening after the last bath.
  • Do not mix chemicals with each other, nor different types of chlorine.