pH-MiniDos – pH regulation with CO2

pH-MiniDos is stable and easy to use for stabilizing the pH value with CO2 (carbon dioxide). Pahlén has a long experience of manufactoring CO2-facilities for public baths. pH-Minidos offers pH stabilization for private pools.

Operated via MiniMaster

pH-MiniDos is a control unit that is easily operated via MiniMaster. The MiniMaster measures the waters pH and sends signals to the pH-MiniDos, which with high precision, doses the exact amount of CO2 needed for the pool. When the carbon dioxide dissolves in the pool water, it reduces the pH value and keeps it at a stable level.

High safety with many advantages

pH-MiniDos safely balances the pH by using carbon dioxide. One big advantage is the handling of a gas cylinder with CO2 rather than dealing with liquid acid. Less maintenance and more time for bathing. Pahlén pH-MiniDos is easy to install, easy to use.


High safety

Stabilizes pH value

A stable and correct pH-level is important to both the environment and safety aspect for the bathers.


•  High safety
•  User-friendly
•  Reduces the water’s corrosiveness and stabilizes pH value
•  Operated via MiniMaster
•  Operational indication light for dosage
•  Safety bracket for gas bottle

Item no. 414810
Complete with control unit, valve 5 bar for one bottle, injector and check valve with connection ½”, 5 m gas hose 6 x 8 mm. Gas bottle not included.



Item no. 414820
CO2-alarm for increased safety