Pool pump P01 0,37-1,5kW

Made of corrosion-free bronze alloy for maximum service life

Pahlén’s in-house developed centrifugal pool pumps are specially designed for pools, where high demands are made on capacity, steady and quiet operation and long service life without breaks. Pahlén pool pumps are made of corrosion-free bronze alloy for maximum service life. Pahlén offers a broad range of exclusive and efficient high-quality pumps for either your above ground pool or your in-ground pool use.

The impeller too is made of bronze and it is fitted to a shaft made of AISI 316L acid-resistant stainless steel. The pool pumps are equipped with a strainer basket to make it easy to remove dirt such as leaves and insects.

Swedish-made quality bronze pumps. Optimum performance for private pools.


•  Pump housing and pump impeller made of bronze

•  Pump shaft made of acid-resistant stainless steel

•  High-quality motors

•  Equipped with drainage plug

•  Tested and certified by a Notified Body

Pool pump P01

Item no. 120100
T37 0,37kW 50Hz


Item no. 120200
S37 0,37kW 50Hz


Item no. 120105
T55 0,55kW 50Hz


Item no. 120205
S55 0,55kW 50Hz


Item no. 120110
T75 0,75kW 50Hz


Item no. 120210
S75 0,75kW 50Hz


Item no. 120115
T110 1,1kW 50Hz


Item no.120215
S110 1,1kW 50Hz


Item no. 120120
T150 1,5kW 50Hz


Item no. 120220
S150 1,5kW 50Hz