Vacuum cleaner trolley

Practical for larger pools and public facilities.

In large pools and public facilities, it is more practical to use a vacuum cleaner trolley. Stainless steel container with a filter cartridge, filter area 9.7 m 2, which gives the filter a long operating time.
Pump 0.55 kW made of bronze, with high capacity (12 m3/h). Air evacuation from the suction hose is handled automatically by the pump. Supplied with 25 meters of cable and motor cut out for a singlephase electrical connection.


Item no.
31225 Vaccum cleaner trolley


  • Pump made of bronze
  • Stainless steel container
  • Equipped with replaceable filter cartridge
  • Convenient operation as all equipment is fitted to one trolley
  • Supplied complete with ground fault relay