Pool tester Autocheck 15

– a very simple but effective digital measuring instrument.

Autocheck 15 helps you test your values quickly and accurately. The integrated test chamber is filled by immersing it in water. A test tablet is added and the values measured photometrically. The result is displayed on the digital screen. Autocheck 15 measures with accuracy the water’s chlorine content (free and total), alkalinity, pH and cyanuric acid photometrically.

As with professional equipment, Autocheck 15 reads the water quality photometrically and displays the results digitally.


•  Waterproof
•  Digital display
•  Easy to use
•  Comes with battery and test tablets

Autocheck 15

Item no. 212993 

For high accurancy measuring of the pools chlorine content (free and total), pH, cyanuric acid, and total alkalinity.


Measure range:

0,1-6,0 mg/l
Cyanuric acid
1-160 mg/l
Total alkalinity
0-300 mg/l
0,2-13,5 mg/l



Accessories test tablets Autocheck 15

Item no. 212916

Free chlorine DPD No.1, 100 tablets


Item no. 212915

Free chlorine DPD No.1, 500 tablets


Item no. 212926

pH phenol red, 100 tablets


Item no. 212925

pH phenol red, 500 tablets


Item no. 212936

Total chlorine DPD No.3, 100 tablets


Item no. 212935

Total chlorine DPD No.3, 500 tablets


Item no. 212956

Cyanuric acid, 100 tablets


Item no. 212966

Alkalinity, 100 tablets