Pool pump WaterVISE 0,25-1,10kW / FloVISE 0,25–1,10 kW

Pump housing and impeller with optimal construction, designed to ensure energy efficiency and quiet operation. Proven and rigid bronze material in pump housing and impeller, stainless steel shaft and mechanical seal with thermoplastic pre-filter, which ensures long lasting endurance.

The pre-filter, with an easily detachable, transparent securing lid, is versatile with up to seven different inlet-positions. This allows flexible and compact installation. 2” thread inlet/outlet connections.

The pool pumps are equipped with a strainer basket to make it easy to remove dirt such as leaves and insects.

•   Pump housing and pump impeller made of bronze
•   Pump shaft in acid proof stainless steel
•   High-quality motors
•   Versatile pre-filter allowing different inlet-positions
•   Higher performance/energy ratio
•   Reduced sound levels
•   Third-party tested and certified
•   Certifierad och provad av tredje part

See chapter water treatment for suitable pump.

pump med pre-filter 0,25–1,10 kW


Item no. 118100
HS25 0,25kW 50Hz


Item no. 118101
HS37 0,37kW 50Hz


Item no. 118102
HS55 0,55kW 50Hz


Item no.118103
HS75 0,75kW 50Hz


Item no. 118123
HT75 0,75kW 50Hz


Item no. 118104
HS110 1,10kW 50Hz


Item no. 118124
HT110 1,10kW 50Hz

pump without pre-filter 0,25–1,10 kW


Item no. 119100
TS25 0,25 kW


Item no. 119101
TS37 0,37 kW


Item no. 119102
TS55 0,55 kW


Item no. 119103
TS75 0,75 kW


Item no. 119123
TT75 0,75 kW


Item no. 119104
TS110 1,10 kW


Item no. 119124
TT110 1,10 kW