Side channel blower for spas

For air massage in spa pools and swimming pools.

The side channel blower can be started from the poolside using a pneumatic control. The blower can be installed horizontally or vertically. Pipe connections are made via an air loop 50 cm above the water surface. Blower housing, blower wheel and side channel in cast aluminium.


Filter and silencer

Accessory. Equip the side channel blowers with silencers for extra quiet operation and a filter that prevents small particles from entering the pool.

Wonderful air massage for spa and pool, made of aluminum for optimum quality and durability.

•    Blower housing, blower wheel and silencer housing made of aluminium
•    Mounted vertically or horizontally
•    Can be equipped with a silencer
•    Can be fitted with a filter
•    Constant air flow

Item no. 81200
SC10C-075T 0,75kW

Item no. 81201
SC20A-110T 1,1kW

Item no. 81202
SC30A-220T 2,2kW

Item no. 81203
SC30C-300T 3,0kW


Item no. 81210
Filter to SC10 & SC20 (0.75-1.1kW)

Item no. 81213
Filter to SC30 (2.2-3.0kW)

Item no. 81211
Silencer to SC10 & SC20 (0.75-1.1kW)

Item no. 81212
Silencer to SC30 (2.2-3.0kW)