Jet Swim Athlete

– Well-balanced water flows makes swimming training efficient and pleasant

Jet Swim Athlete with innovative natural swimming experience – A modern and minimalistic design utilizing a balanced water flow for your personal swim training needs. Jet Swim Athlete uses a flow technique with two oval nozzles. The lower nozzle is directed downwards for lifting the lower body to provide a more natural swimming experience.

Revolutionary Natural Swimming Sensation!

With a motor power of 4.0 kW and with jet streams of 68 m³/h, you can easily exercise your strength and physical fitness. Jet Swim Athlete is started by pressing a pushbutton on the front.

Jet Swim Athlete

Other counter current unit

Jet Swim Athlete is made of acid-proof stainless steel AISI 316L

Technical data

Motor: 4,0kW

Voltage: 230/400 V

Power: 13,9/8,0 A

Pump capacity: 68 m3/h

Pipe connection: 2½”


•  Bronze and acid proof stainless steel
•  Pump capacity at 68 m3/h
•  New flow technology with two oval nozzles
•  Modern and minimalistic design
•  Pneumatic starting button
•  Meets the requirements for pool standards
•  High-class motor

Item no. 1302100
Jet Swim Athlete unit


Item no. 1302130
Jet Swim Athlete assembly kit


Item no. 1302185
Jet Swim Athlete Pump 50Hz


Item no. 1302185HZ
Jet Swim Athlete Pump 60Hz


Item no. 1302090
Jet Swim 2000/Athlete Control box



Item no. 33045
Jet swim Athlete complete steel – liner


Item no. 33046
Jet swim Athlete complete concrete – liner