Jet Swim 2000

– an exclusive swimming pool counter current unit with many different settings

An exclusive counter current unit with many different settings. With pump capacity of 71 m3/h it is easy for you to build up your strength and physical fitness. Start your Jet Swim by pressing a button on the front.

The flow pattern is set by means of the adjustable jets to suit your personal needs.

The air flow that is mixed with the jet streams, is adjusted by turning the air knob on the front. It is just as simple to adjust the water flow.

Jet Swim suits all types of pools and are easy to install.

Technical data

Motor: 4,0kW

Voltage: 230/400 V

Power: 8,1 A

Pump capacity: 71 m3/h

Pipe connection: 2½”


•  Bronze and acid proof stainless steel
•  Pump capacity at 71 m3/h
•  Adjustable water flow
•  Adjustable jet streams
•  Adjustable setting of the air mixture
•  Polished stainless steel front
•  High-class motor
•  Meets requrements of pool standard EN13451, EN16582, EN16713

Item no. 1302000
Jet Swim 2000 unit


Item no.1302010
Assembly kit (Wood/plastic/steel with liner, fibreglass/PPplastic)


Item no. 1302020
Assembly kit (Concrete liner, Concrete pool without liner)


Item no. 1302015
Screw kit


Item no. 1302080
Jet Swim 4,0kW pump 50Hz


Item no. 1302080Hz
Jet Swim 4,0kW pump 60Hz


Item no. 1302090
Control box Jet Swim 4,0kW



Item no. 33029
Complete unit – concrete


Item no. 33028
Complete unit – liner