Jet Swim 1200

– with easy adjustable jet streams.

With a motor capacity of 2.2kW and pump capacity of 46 m3/h it is easy for you to train your swimming technique and build up your physical fitness. Start your Jet Swim by pressing a button on the front. The jet stream are varied in power by rotating the turnable front. Resistance can be changed in three different steps, two for the jet stream and one for the air mixture.

Jet Swim 1200 is also available in 3-phase 230V/50Hz or 460V/60Hz. Contact Pahlén AB for information.

Jet Swim 1200 suits all types of pools and are easy to install.

Technical data

Motor: 2,2 kW

Voltage: 230/400 V

Power: 7,6/4,4 A

Pump capacity: 46 m3/h

Pipe connection: 2”


•   Bronze and acid proof stainless steel
•   Pump capacity at 46 m3/h
•   Adjustable water flow
•   Adjustable setting of the air mixture
•   Polished stainless steel front
•   High-class motor

Item no.1301200
Jet Swim 1200 unit


Item no. 1301210
Assembly kit (Wood/plastic/steel with liner)


Item no. 1301220
Assembly kit (Concrete liner)


Item no. 1301230
Assembly kit (Concrete pool without liner)


Item no. 1301280
Jet Swim 2,2kW pump


Item no. 1301290
Control box Jet Swim 2,0kW