Water level control

Tops up the water level automatically when it gets too low in the pool. Can be installed in all types of pools, spas, ponds etc. Progammable refilling time and equipped with warning light.



Water level control for swimming pools, spas, ponds etc.
Item no. 11250 Electronic level control incl. sensor. Built-in safety device with programmable refilling time for solenoid valve.
Item no. 112501 Solenoid valve ½”, soft closing.
Item no. 112503 Cover made of stainless steel for level control.
Item no. 112504 Bracket for level control skimmer/Wide
Item no. 112505 Non leak flange for cable of level control.

Alerts if the water level is too low and refills when needed.

•  Automatic water filling
•  Adjustable water filling time
•  Equipped with red warning light
•  Suitable for all types of pool