Suction nozzle Classic

A suction nozzle is recommended near the bottom of the pool to prevent the water from becoming stagnant. Suitable for all types of pools.

Recommended flow capacity max 2 m3/h.

Swedish, sustainable and reliable! Pool equipment made of stainless steel for optimal quality


•  Polished front
•  Acid proof stainless steel
•  Suitable for all types of pools

Item no. 125820
CA Bronze, front with acid proof stainless steel, screws and rubber gasket. Grille opening. Inside thread 1½”. For liner pools.


Item no. 12650
A Acid proof stainless steel. Grille opening. Outside thread 1 ½”. For concrete pools.


Item no. 125825
CA Suction nozzle Classic 350. Acid proof stainless steel. Inside thread 1½. For concrete and liner pools.


Item no. 822600
Concrete kit waterproofing with membrane


Accessory fiberglass\PP pool

Item no. 15587010

Fixing kit for nozzle fiberglass\PP pool.