Pool skimmer Classic Wide 385/Wide 6°

Made of acid proof stainless steel

Open wide skimmer in a exclusive design. Classic Wide 385 gives high water level with efficient extraction of debris and circulation for liner swimming pools.

Classic Wide 6° 385 is especially developed for fiber glass-\PP pools with 6 degree angle walls.

Flow capacity max 12 m3/h.


•  Acid proof stainless steel
•  Vertically adjustable collar 30-70 mm
•  Polished front
•  Opening: 385 x 92 mm
•  Flap weir made of stainless steel
•  Filtration outlet internal thread 2”
•  Overflow outlet internal thread 1 ½”
•  Water refill inlet internal thread ½”
•  Connection for water level control Ø 13 mm
•  Large, high-capacity strainer basked
•  Suitable for fiberglass/PP pool with 6 degree angle walls

Item no. 112970

CA-SW Skimmer Classic Wide 385 for liner swimming pools


Item no. 112960

CA-SW6 Skimmer Classic Wide 6° 385 for fiber glass-\PP pools


Item no. 112504

Bracket for level control skimmer/wide