Spotlight LED

Exclusive spotlights made of acid proof stainless steel

Spotlight ideal for lighting in spas, pool stairs, fountains or as spotlights in the pool. Made of acid proof stainless
steel with a polished front. Supplied as a complete unit. RGB are dimmable.


•  Polished front
•  Acid proof stainless steel
•  For fitting in pool walls, stairs etc
•  For pools with liner
•  For concrete/Insulating blocks, length 350 mm
•  Cold white, 6W, 600 Lumen, 5000 Kelvin, 116° angle
•  Warm white, 6W, 540 Lumen, 3300 Kelvin, 116° angle
•  Color RGB, 10W 400 Lumen, 116° angle
•  12V

Spotlight LED for concrete pools with and without liner

Item no. 125840
CA-6CW Classic LED 60, 6W, cold white


Item no. 125841
CA-6WW Classic LED 60, 6W, warm white


Item no. 125842
CA-6RGB Classic LED 60, 6W, RGB


Item no. 124840

CA-6CW LED Marine 350, cold white


Item no. 124841
CA-6WW LED Marine 350, warm white


Item no. 124842
CA-10RGB LED Marine 350, RGB


Item no. 822600
Concrete kit for 300 light, waterproofing with membrane

For liner pools

Item no. 125845
CA-6CW LED Classic, cold white


Item no. 125846
CA-6WW LED Classic, warm white


Item no. 125847
CA-10RGB LED Classic, RGB


Item no. 124845
CA-6CW LED Marine, cold white


Item no. 124846
CA-6WW LED Marine, warm white


Item no. 124847
CA-10RGB LED Marine, RGB