Inlet Marine

Made of bronze and acid proof stainless steel.

A round, compact and elegant inlet with a polished front. Depending on the size of the pool, you will need two or more inlets that effectively distributes the waterflow and returns cleaned and heated water to the pool.

Recommended flow capacity max 6 m3/h.


•  Acid proof stainless steel and bronze
•  Adjustable nozzle Ø 26 mm
•  Suitable for all types of swimming pools

Item no. 124500

CA For liner pools. With screws and rubber gasket.


Item no. 124505

For concrete pools. Acid proof stainless steel.


Item no. 124815
CA Marine, concrete/liner


Item no. 822600
Concrete kit, waterproofing with membrane


Item no. 124720

Replacement kit for upgrading Classic inlet to Marine (liner)