Inlet Classic

Made  of acid stainless steel AISI 316L.

The new inlet has a unique and innovative design with two oval nozzles and longer throw length. There are two streams, 6 degrees apart, for improved circulation in the pool. The inlet nozzle can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position and be adjusted ±11° for different applications depending on the inlet’s location in the pool.


Suitable for liner, concrete and building-block pools.


Recommended flow capacity max 6 m3/h.

Relax and enjoy! Create perfect water circulation.


•  Acid proof stainless steel, polished front
•  Adjustable nozzle Ø 26 mm
•  Suitable for all types of pools

Item no. 125811

CA For liner pools. With screws and rubber gasket.


Inlet Classic 350
Item no. 125816
CA Classic, concrete/liner


Item no. 126090

A For concrete pools. Acid proof stainless steel.