High quality swimming pool heat pump

Pahlén PVP Inverter heat pumps exploit the energy in the air, are effective and energy-efficient, easy to install and take up little space near the pool. The pool heat pump are equipped with a quiet rotation compressor for optimal efficiency rating, minimal vibration and long service life. Digital control includes several functions and permits easy setting of pool temperature. The materials used in the heat pump are designed to withstand the harsh Nordic climate. The casing is made of thermoplastic and the condenser, the heat exchanger, is made of titanium.


Pahlén inverter heat pumps intended for heating of swimming pools or spa pools. They use the heat in the surrounding air, transferring it efficiently via a heat exchanger to the pool’s water. Pahlén uses a combination of optimized components, such as heat exchangers, refrigerants, electronic expansion valves and software for a very high efficiency COP. Tested according to the European standard 14511 by an independent test institute TÜV.