Heat exchanger Maxi-Flo

Maxi-flo is a tube heat exchanger with excellent heating properties. It is made of acid-proof stainless steel AISI 316L for optimum service life. Simple installation using the stainless steel adjustable attachments that are included. Capacity range 40-120kW.


Maximum pressure secondary circuit (pool water) is 5 bar and primary circuit (hot water) is 10 bar.
Suitable for pools up to 450 m3


•  Acid proof stainless steel
•  Precision-welded outer jacket
•  37 seamless pipes equipped with flow restrictors for hot water
•  Adjustable brackets of acid proof stainless steel
•  Four sizes: 40, 60, 75 and 120 kW
•  Connects to existing heat source
•  Can be connected in series when needed.
•  Mounted vertically

Item no. 11365
MF135 40kW


Item no. 11366
MF200 60kW


Item no. 11367
MF260 75kW


Item no. 11368
MF400 120kW

Midi Temp

A compact unit for digital setting and view of temperature for operation and control of heating products, both in already existing or new installations. Read more about MidiTemp.



For setting and automatic control of water temperature.

External flow switch

Flow switch

For external connection ½”


Use Pahlén calculator for heat exchangers