Heat exchanger Maxi-Flo Titanium


Maxi-Flo titanium is a tube heat exchanger made of titanium for the most demanding installations where there is a high risk of corrosion. Titanium is ideal for swimming pools with salt water or where a salt chlorinator is used. Titanium for maximum heat transfer. Connects to boiler, heat pump, solar panel system or other heat source. Suits all installations.


Maximum pressure secondary circuit (pool water) 75 kW is 5 bar/200 kW 4 bar and primary circuit (hot water) is 10 bar for both.

Maxi-Flo Titanium is a tube heat exchanger with twisted tube pipes for optimal heating. Titanium is the ideal material when a salt chlorinator is used.

Suitable for pools up to 1000 m3

Suits all pool installations.


•   Titanium
•   Twisted tubes for the heating medium
•   Available in 75 and 200kW
•   Suits all installations
•   Mounted vertically

Item no. 11377
MFT260 75kW


Item no.11380
MFT680 200kW


Midi Temp

A compact unit for digital setting and view of temperature for operation and control of heating products, both in already existing or new installations. Read more about MidiTemp.



For setting and automatic control of water temperature.

External flow switch

Flow switch

For external connection ½”


Use Pahlén calculator for heat exchangers