Heat exchanger Hi-Temp titanium

Hi-Temp titanium is a spiral heat exchanger made of thermoplastic with a high glass content for extra durability. With a coil of titanium for the most demanding installations
where there is a high risk of corrosion, such as in pools with salt water or where a salt chlorinator is used.

Maximum pressure secondary circuit (pool water) is 4 bar and primary circuit (hot water) is 5 bar.

Suitable for pools up to 300 m3.


•  Outer jacket of thermoplastic
•  Hot water coil made of titanium
•  Integrated wall-mounting
•  Slip connections for bonding of Ø 50 mm pipes
•  Two sizes 40 and 75kW
•  Connects to existing heat source
•  Mounted horisontally or vertically

Item no.11322
HTT 40kW


Item no. 11324
HTT 75kW

Midi Temp

A compact unit for digital setting and view of temperature for operation and control of heating products, both in already existing or new installations. Read more about MidiTemp.



For setting and automatic control of water temperature.

External flow switch

Flow switch

For external connection ½”


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