Swimming pool heat exchanger calculator

A heat exchanger is to transfer energy (heat) from one medium to another, e.g. from electric, rewood, pellets or oil- red boilers, heat pump or solar panel systems. The heat exchangers can not create energy on their own. The heat source should match the heating requirements for the pool.

Choosing the optimum heat exchanger! Calculate with our program for heat exchangers.

Pahlén has an extensive experience in dimensioning and heat calculation. Our calculation program for heat exchangers can be used to assist in decision making. The heat requirement for each pool is unique and is a ected by a variety of factors such as isolated/non-isolated pool, above ground pool/inground pool, pool cover, etc.


What does the program do and how do you use it?

In the calculation program the type of heat exchanger is chosen in the drop list. Then a nominel inlet temperature and the ow for the primary side is shown together with the desired pool temperature and the ow of the pool circulation to the secondary side.

It is free to modify the values as long as they are within the limits (in parentheses). The calculate button gives transferred heating power and output temperatures. You will also get the calculated pressure drop across for each side shown in H(m) (de ned as mH2O).

If you want to change heat exchanger you can lock the operating mode with the “lock button” to be able to compare the transmitted power with another heat exchanger model. The tabs picture/dimensions show a picture and dimensions of the selected heat exchanger.


The tabs Picture / Dimensions switches between picture and dimensions for chosen heat exchanger.

l/min (5 - 60)
°C (20 - 150)
l/min (50 - 500)
°C (4 - 60)