Heat exchanger Aqua MEX

Aqua MEX is made of high quality materials, fiberglass reinforced polypropylene and a high effective coil made of titanium. Our line gives the best possible heating capacity and resistance against aggressive water. Aqua MEX is compact, fully equipped, easy to install and use. The heat exchanger has a straight flow with a low pressure drop and with slip connections for Ø 63 mm pipes.

Maximum pressure secondary circuit (pool water)


Aqua MEX fully equipped has a three-step single-phase built-in circulation pump for the primary (hot) water as well as built-in temperature sensor, flow switch and check valve. Digital temperature control and display.

Aqua MEX is a compact spiral heat exchanger of the highest quality. Available in standard or fully equipped.

Electronic digital control panel
– Built-in safety device turns off the heater at 45°C
– Optimized for low electrical consumption
– Easy setting of the desired pool temperature
– Clear figures show the pool water as well as the set temperature
– Display of heating in operation


•  Aqua MEX fully equipped comes complete with flow switch, check valve, temperature sensor, three-step single-phase circulation pump and electronics
•  Economic – lower installation and operation costs
•  Capacity range 40, 70kW. Standard also available as 100kW
•  Digital control and display
•  The housing and cabinet are made of fiberglass reinforced polypropylene
•  Straight flow Ø 63 mm (2”) pipe
•  Coil made of titanium or stainless steel
•  Connects to existing heat source
•  IP44 (International Protection Rating)
•  Standard version without controller and pump
•  Mounted horisontally

Aqua MEX fully equipped

Item no.113951
AM-FE40 40kW


Item no. 113952
AM-FE40T 40kW


Item no.113953
AM-FE70 70kW


Item no. 113954
AM-FE70T 70kW

Aqua MEX standard

Item no. 11316
AM40 40kW


Item no. 11326
AM40T 40kW


Item no.11317
AM70 70kW


Item no. 11327
AM70T 70kW


Item no. 11318
AM100 100kW


Item no. 11328
AM100T 100kW

Midi Temp

A compact unit for digital setting and view of temperature for operation and control of heating products, both in already existing or new installations. Read more about MidiTemp.



For setting and automatic control of water temperature.

External flow switch

Flow switch

For external connection ½”


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