Electric heater Compact  3-18kW

For installations where aggressive water increases the risk of corrosion, we recommend a mantle of titanium with a Nic-Tech treated heating element.

Compact electric swimming pool heaters are available with heating outputs between 3 and 18 kW. They are supplied with a thermostat as well as an overheating cutout. For extra security, a flow switch or pressure switch protects the heating element from damage if the flow to the heater is insufficient.

These electric heaters are available in both titanium/Nic-Tech and AISI 316L acid-proof stainless steel.

All compact electric heaters are delivered with a 2” heating element.


•  Body and pipework of acid proof stainless steel AISI 316L

•  Heating elements of Incoloy 825

•  Selected models with body made of titanium and Nic-Tech treated heating elements

•  Equipped with thermostat, overheating cut out and flow switch

•  Small and compact

•  Adjustable brackets of acid proof stainless steel

•  Connection 1,5”

With pressure switch. Max 4 bar


Unipolar thermostat 0-45°C, pressure switch, unipolar high limit control 60°C

Item no. 13982403
11P30 3,0kW


Item no. 13982406
11P60 6,0kW


Item no. 13982409
11P90 9,0kW


Item no. 13982412
11P120 12,0kW


Item no. 13982415
11P150 15,0kW


Item no. 13982418
11P180 18,0kW

With flow switch. Max 2.5 bar

Unipolar thermostat 0-45°C, flow switch, unipolar high limit control 60°C

Item no. 13981403*
11F30* 3,0kW


Item no. 13981406*
11F60* 6,0kW


Item no. 13981409*
11F90* 9,0kW


Item no. 13981412*
11F120* 12,0kW


Item no. 13981415*
11F150* 15,0kW


Item no. 13981418*
11F180* 18,0kW

*Available with outer jacket made of titanium and Nic-Tech treatedheating element. These heaters are designed for pools with very
 aggressive water, large quantities of chlorides and where there is a high risk for corrosion, e.g. in pools with salt water
When ordering titanium model, choose compact electric heater and add a “T” after the item no. Applies to the following article 139814xxT.