Aqua HL electric heater 3-15kW

Pahlén electric heaters with digital control.

The desired pool temperature can easily be set and the current pool temperature is shown in the LED display. In addition to an overheating protection and a flow switch, the heater has built-in contactors, that simplifies the connection of the heater.

The heating element is made of Incoloy 825 or titanium ASTM grade 1 and the casing of the heater is made of glassfibre reinforced polypropylene. The Aqua HL line heaters are available with outputs in sizes from 3-15kW up to 415V (230V 1-phase, 400/415V 3-phase) and are supplied with union couplings for bonding to Ø 50 mm pipes.

Exclusive electric heater with a digital display. The pooltemperature is easily set via the digital LED display.

The minimun flow is 90 l/min. Max. pressure: 2 bar.

Electronic digital control

– Temperature settings
– Heating in operation
– Actual temperature in pool / Set temperature

Electric heater with a digital control, where the desired pool temperature can easily be set.


•  Capacity range 3-15kW
•  Aqua HL comes with contactors and electronics
•  Digital control and display
•  Made of reinforced thermoplastic
•  Horizontal installation
•  Heating elements of Incoloy 825 or titanium
•  Equipped with overheating limit control and flow switch
•  Dual built-in contactors as per electrical safety standards
•  Third-party tested and certified
•  Slip connections for bonding of Ø 50 mm pipes

Heating element, Incoloy 825, Ampere 3-phase/kW

Item no. 141800


Item no.141801


Item no. 141802


Item no. 141803


Item no. 141804



Heating element, titanium, Ampere 3-phase/kW

Item no. 141804T


Item no. 141800T


Item no. 141801T


Item no. 141802T


Item no. 141803T

Heating element, Incoloy 825, Ampere 1-phase 230V

Item no. 141820


Item no. 141821



Heating element, titanium, Ampere 1-fas 230V

Item no. 141820T


Item no. 141821T