Aqua compact electric heaters 3-18kW

Electric swimming pool heaters made of thermoplastic for extra strength.

Heating element made of Incoloy 825 or titanium for extra safety in installations where there is a high risk of corrosion, e.g. salt water pools. Supplied with a thermostat for adjusting pool temperature as well as overheating cutout and flow switch. Rated output 3-18 kW.

Minimum flow 90 l/min. Max. pressure: 2.5 bar. Suitable for private pools up to 100 m3


For connections with 1 ½” pipe 14589061 or 1 ½” threaded 14589062.

For pools with salt water or chlorinator we recommend a heating element of titanium.


•  Electric heater made of fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic
•  Housing of thermoplastic
•  Horizontal installation, eliminates air pockets and damage to the electric heating element
•  Heating elements of Incoloy 825 or titanium
•  Equipped with overheating cutout and flow switch
•  Slip connections for bonding of Ø 50 mm pipes

Heating element Incoloy 825

Item no. 141600
AC30 3,0kW


Item no. 141601
AC60 6,0kW


Item no. 141602
AC90 9,0kW


Item no. 141603
AC120 12,0kW


Item no. 141604
AC150 15,0kW


Item no. 141605
AC180 18,0kW

Heating element titanium

Item no. 141600T
AC30T 3,0kW


Item no. 141601T
AC60T 6,0kW


Item no. 141602T
AC90T 9,0kW


Item no. 141603T
AC120T 12,0kW


Item no. 141604T
AC150T 15,0kW


Item no. 141605T
AC180T 18,0kW