Dosing pumps Beta/4B and Concept

Dosing pumps for injecting liquide chlorine or pH-regulating agents. The pumps are microprocessor-controlled and magnetically
operated for maximum dependability and dosing precision. The pumps offer a wide range of settings.

Dosing pumps with reliable dosing

The liquid end is manufactured from plexiglass and the suction and pressure details are of PVDF. These materials are chosen for their known resistance to the majority of chemicals used in water treatment. The pump can be controlled on/off or externally by pulses from a monitoring and controlling device, for example by using an Autodos with an external cable (optional).


Dosing pump Beta with plexiglass liquid end (NPE) excl. Beta/4B 0400 PPT. All pumps have on/off or frequency control and are supplied with injection and foot valves and 2 m of suction and 5 m of pressure hose.


•  High precision
•  Magnetic dosing pump
•  Adjustable capacity
•  Multifunctional valve (option)
•  Wear resistant operation
•  External cable (option)

Item no. 413330*
Beta/4B 0400


Item no. 413331
Beta/4B 0402


Item no. 413332
Beta/4B 0408


Item no. 413333
Beta/4B 0220


Item no. 413334
Beta/5B 0232


* Beta/4B 0400 is a flocculation pump.

Dosing pump with liquid end of PVDF. The pump has on/off or frequency control and is supplied with injection and foot valves and 2 m of suction of pressure hose and a 5 m external cable.


•  High precision
•  Chemical resistant material
•  Realible
•  Easy installation
•  Small and compact
•  Simple adjustment
•  External cable included

Item no. 413340
Concept plus 1002