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Standard routines for good pool water quality


Daily chlorination

Daily chlorination is the most effective way of disinfecting the pool water. Calcium hypochlorite in small tablets dissolves slowly and releases chlorine into the pool water. Place the tablets in the skimmer or in a floating dispenser.


Shock chlorination is done with calcium hypochlorite but in granular form. The granules dissolve quickly to give the pool water a rapid and powerful chlorine boost. Daily as well as shock chlorination raise the pH of the water. Use a pH-lowering agent to balance the pH once a week and after every shock chlorination.


Weekly chlorination

For weekly chlorination use a product containing slow-acting trichlorisocyanuric acid. E.g. 200 gram tablets dissolve slowly and continuously disinfect the pool water. Normally one tablet is enough for 20 m3 of water for one week. Place the tablet in a dispenser. Use the test kit to check the free chlorine. If the reading is below 1.0 ppm (mg/l) apply additional chlorine.


Weekly chlorination is recommended in areas with relatively hard water. It contains a chlorine stabilizing agent (cyanuric acid) but no lime, since there is a risk that this would further increase the calcium hardness and lead to lime being precipitated in the pool. When using weekly chlorination, regular shock chlorination with calcium hypochlorite is recommended. The chlorine for weekly use lowers the pH of the water. This can be balanced with shock chlorination granular.


Pahlén swimming pool chemicals



Halobrom is similar to the products for daily/weekly/shock chlorination in many respects, but it has the following advantages:
a.    Halobrom can be used alternately with or at the same time as the products for daily/weekly/shock chlorination.    
b.    Halobrom retains its full disinfectant power within a significantly wider pH range than the chlorine products.
c.    The typical chemical smell is non-existent. Halobrom is recommended for therapy baths, whirlpool baths and for individuals

        who are sensitive to chlorine.

Halobrom tablets can be placed in the skimmer, in dispenser or a brominator, a special pressure vessel for continuous dosing of bromine solution to the pool water.

The bromine demand depends entirely on how the pool is used. Dosing must take account of temperature and user frequency. The bromine content must be measured regularly to check the consumption.