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The circulation system of the pool



Water is removed from the pool via a skimmer which has a flap lid that positions itself according to the surface of the water. The skimmer increases the flow rate of the surface water and draws any debris on the water surface into the skimmer.

The debris accumulates in a filter basket. Pahlén stanless steel skimmer for swimming poolsThe basket must be emptied regularly, about once a week. If your pool has a main drain, the flow must be regulated so that about 30% of the water is taken from the bottom and about 70% from the skimmer.










The cleaned and heated water is returned to the pool via the inlets. The inlets should be directed slightly upwards to move debris towards the skimmer.Pahlén inlets in stainless steel for swimming pools







The pump creates the suction in the skimmer and then forces the water through the filter, through the heater and back to the pool via the inlets. The filter basket in the prefilter of the pump must be emptied regularly, for example when backwashing. Before starting the pump, make sure that it is full of water, Pahlén bronze pump for swimming poolsotherwise the shaft seal of the pump may be damaged. If the pump is placed above the surface of the pool water, the water drains back to the pool when the pump is stopped.


Then, when the pump is started, it may take some time for the pump to evacuate all the air in the suction line and start pumping water. To overcome this close the valve ahead of the pump and then immediately switch off the pump. Doing this retains the water in the suction line.








The pool water is cleaned mechanically by a sand filter which filters out particles down to about 25 microns (thousandths of a millimetre). On top of the filter tank there is a valve which controls the flow of water through the filter. The filter is two-thirds filled with filter sand with a grain size of 0.6-0.8 mm. Pahlén sand filter for swimming poolsAs more and more dirt is trapped in the filter, the back-pressure increases. It can be read off on the backwash valve pressure gauge.

When the back-pressure has increased by about 0.2 bar since the last backwashing, the filter must be backwashed again. This means reversing the flow through the filter so that the dirt is released from the sand and flushed out via the drain. The filter sand should be changed

after 6-8 years.









After the filter, the pool water is heated to a pleasant temperature. The water can be heated with an electric heater, by a heat exchanger connected to the domestic boiler, by solar panels or by a heat pump. Set the thermostat to the desired pool temperature.Pahlén heat pump for swimming pools