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Swimming pool equipment

A well-functioning water circulation is essential for a good water quality. The skimmer increases the flow speed of the pool water at the same time as surface particles are collected in the skimmer’s strainer basket. The water returns to the pool cleaned and heated, through the inlets. Pahlén skimmers, inlets and main drains guarantee a problem-free pool water circulation. With stairs in the pool, both appearance and safety are enhanced.


Pahlén has more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of swimming pool equipment.

Everything is made of AISI 316L stainless acid-resistant steel for a long life. All the visible parts in the pool are polished to give an excellent finish.


We recommend stainless steel swimming pool equipment.

The natural choice for strength and long life. It is elegant and enhances the feeling of quality.


Swimming pool skimmer Marine

Skimmer Marine

Water leaves the pool through the skimmer which increases the
surface flow rate and moves surface debris into the skimmer.


Made of AISI 316L acid-resistant stainless steel.
Flow capacity max 12 m3/h. 


Swimming pool skimmer classic

Skimmer Classic

The debris are collected in a filter basket and the water flows on
to the sand filter for particle cleaning.

Made of AISI 316L acid-resistant stainless steel.


Flow capacity max 12 m3/h.


Swimming pool skimmer Classic Wide

Skimmer Classic Wide 385

Open wide skimmer in a exclusive design. Classic Wide 385 gives high water level with efficient extraction of debris and circulation for liner swimming pools.



Flow capacity max 12 m3/h.



Water level control

Water level control

Water level control to top up automatically when the water level gets in the pool is too low.


Suits all types of pool.





Swimming pool wall and bottom outlet

Wall and bottom outlet

Made of AISI 316L acid-resistant stainless steel. For larger swimming pools it is a good idea to install a main drain to prevent stagnant water at the bottom of the pool.  





Swimming pool inlet Marine

Marine Inlet

Depending on the size of the pool, you will need two or more inlets that effectively distributes the waterflow and returns cleaned and heated water to the pool.


Made of bronze and acid proof stainless steel AISI 316L.



Swimming pool inlet Classic

Classic Inlet

Made of bronze and AISI 316L acid-resistant stainless steel.


Suitable for liner, concrete and building-block pools. The water returns to the pool cleaned and heated via the inlets.


These should be directed slightly upwards to facilitate cleaning of the surface water.


Inlet Classic


Marine inlet anchoring bracket

Made of polished stainless steel. Available for fixed installation or with hinges so they can be raised and locked in the upright position when the pool is covered.


Can be specified with 3 or 4 steps, depending on the pool’s depth.







Bottom inlet anchoring bracket

A bottom inlet designed for mounting onto the end of a molded PVC pipe, PN10/16 with an outer diameter Ø50 or Ø63. The nozzle is secured by barbs inside the pipe.

The flow can be regulated in eight different steps on the front of the inlet.







Classic suction nozzle
A suction nozzle is recommended near the bottom of the pool to
prevent the water from becoming stagnant. Recommended flow capacity max 2 m3/h.



Classic vacuum hose connection
If the pool is equipped with an overflow, a vacuum hose connection
is used for the vacuum hose during cleaning of your pool.