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A long-term investment with quality products from Pahlén


A well-maintained pool with clean, clear, sparkling water promises many enjoyable moments, as well as a refreshing dip in the morning or an evening swim in the glow of the pool lights. Your pool will come to be the place where your family and friends naturally congregate.


The Pahlén products are made of bronze and acid-proof stainless steel, high quality materials, that guarantee reliability and a long life. They are manufactured in our factory in Upplands Väsby, where they are also carefully checked of quality before delivered to our customers.



Sand pool filter and pool pump


In order to keep the water clean and clear, it is necessary to fit a sand filter and a pump.

The pool’s mechanical cleaning takes place via the sand filter, which filters out particles down to about 25 micron. Pahlén supplies exclusive sand filters for all types of swimming pools. The sand filters are made of polyester or polyethylene, which makes them particularly reliable.


Pahlén’s in-house developed centrifugal pumps are specially designed for swimming pools, where high demands are made on capacity, steady and quiet operation and long service without breaks.











Jet Swim is the perfect accessory for exercise, fitness and fun.

With a Jet Swim in the pool the training effect is that of a much larger pool. By swimming “on the spot” in the pool you can exercise and practise your swimming technique at the same time building up your strength and endurance. There are two models of the Pahlén Jet Swim. They are suitable for all types of swimming pools and are easy to install.






A heated pool will extend your pool season.

Pahlén heating equipment is well known all over the world and are today in all types of small and large swimming pool installations. The heating products are manufactured from acid-proof stainless steel, titanium or plastic for an optimum length of life.


Swimming pool heat exchanger Maxi-heat


Heat exchanger

A heat exchanger is used to transfer heat energy from one medium to another without the two media being mixed. Pahlén heat exchangers with cross flow operation produce high output and have excellent heat transfer capability. All the models can be installed and connected to electric, firewood, pellet or oil-fired boilers, and to heat pumps and solar panel systems.


Pahlén heat exchangers are available in sizes from 13kW to 308kW.




Electric heatercompact-small-index

An electric heater is easy to connect to the existing electrical power-mains and provides full capacity around the clock. The water from the swimming pool’s circulation flows through the heater and is heated by the heating element. The electric heaters are compact and can be installed in all types of pool or spa.


Pahlén electric heaters are available in sizes from 1,5kW to 72kW.






Heat pumpPool heat pump

Pahlén PVP Inverter and PHP ON/OFF heat pumps exploit the energy in the air, are effective and energy-efficient, easy to install and take up little space near the pool. Pahlén uses a combination of optimized components such as a heat exchanger, gas, refrigerant, valves and software to obtain a particularly high efficiency rating or C.O.P. (Coefficient of Performance).









 Swimming pool lighting LED

Lighting in the pool creates a pleasant atmosphere.

It makes it possible to use the pool round the clock, at the same time as it provides added safety when swimming in the evening. For more than 40 years now, Pahlén has been making lighting of the very highest quality using AISI 316L acid-resistant stainless steel, both for large swimming pool facilities and for small private pools and spa pools.








Swimming pool skimmer and inletA well-functioning water circulation is essential for a good water quality.

The skimmer increases the flow speed of the pool water at the same time as surface particles are collected in the skimmer’s strainer basket. The water returns to the pool cleaned and heated, through the inlets. Pahlén skimmers, inlets and main drains guarantee a problem-free water circulation. Pahlén has more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of pool equipment. Everything is made of AISI 316L acid-resistant stainless steel for a long life. All the visible parts in the pool are polished to give an excellent finish.








Measuring and dosing equipment Pahlén AutodosAutomatic dosing of chemicals gives clean and clear water in the pool.

With a Pahlén Autodos installed in the system, water quality is continuously monitored and a suitable dose of chemicals is supplied, leading to better profitability since the need for expensive chemicals is reduced. An optimum solution results in lower cost. Additional control and disinfection are obtained with a Pahlén CO2 unit and UV light.











Testinstrument fritt klor, totalt klor och bundet klar, pH


Monitoring instruments. It is important to maintain the right pH and chlorine levels in the pool.

Pahlén offers simple monitoring instruments for private pools as well as highly advanced monitoring equipment to monitor and adjust water quality in public facilities, where the demands are often significantly higher. Pahlén offers a complete and thoroughly tested range of pool-care equipment and test instruments to simplify and assist in pool maintenance.





Pool coverSwimming pool cover Littoral

The pool cover’s important task is to prevent evaporation, save energy, reduce chemical consumption and prevent leaves, twigs and so on from falling into the pool. A pool cover is also recommended indoors in order to reduce humidity in the pool room.