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Sveriges Pool Producenter

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Top quality swimming pool equipment and enterprise

Pahlén is a genuine Swedish company with more than 40 years experience of manufacture of quality products for swimming pools. We offer equipment for small private pools as well as large public facilities. The products are made of bronze, acid-proof stainless steel, titanium and thermoplastic, first-rate quality materials, a guarantee for an outstanding lifetime and reliability.


Export to more than 70 countries

 70 % of the company’s revenue comes from export. Pahlén´s products are available in over 70 countries throughout the world and new markets are constantly being added. We have a broad range of end-users from private individuals, hotels and spas to public facilities and royal residences.


Pahlén Pool System

Pahlén Pool System

Dare to invest in quality! A pool is a long-term investment and the materials stainless steel and bronze are the obvious choice.

Choose a Pahlén retailer who is educated and very experienced and who will be there when you need future service. Choose Swedish made quality products from Pahlén. We have existed for more than 40 years and will be here for at least another 40 years.

Electric swimming pool heater MidiHeat

Electric pool heater MidiHeat

The new MidiHeat series in a new smart and functional design has a numerous technical advantages. A new threefold protection against overheating and a thermostat knob for easy settings make
the use of the MidiHeat easy. 


MidiHeat is manufactured from materials of the highest quality. The casing made of powder coated zinc sheet not only gives the product a very stable construction.

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pH-Minidos Carbon dioxide

Safe and stable pH regulation

With pH-MiniDos installed, there is no need to add acid to regulate your
pH value. pH-MiniDos is a control unit that is easily operated via MiniMaster.


The MiniMaster measures the waters pH and sends signals to the pH-MiniDos, which with high precision, doses the exact amount of CO2 needed for the pool.

When the carbon dioxide dissolves in the
pool water, it reduces the pH value and keeps it at a stable level.

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MiniMaster automatic dosing

Let MiniMaster do the work

Now it’s here, MiniMaster measuring unit that offers you continuous monitoring and automatic dosing (disinfection) to safeguard water quality in the same way as in public baths and large hotel pools.


MiniMaster monitors your water quality on an ongoing basis, making it simple to maintain clean

and clear water at all times.

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Marine swimming pool light

Pool equipment Marine

A new luxury collection of pool equipment, including inlet, skimmer and lighting with a polished stainless steel front.

When choosing pool equipment, stainless steel is the obvious choice to maintain the pool´s maximum lifespan. Marine creates an exclusive atmosphere both in and around your swimming pool.


Jet Swim - Counter Current

Jet Swim counter current

With a Jet Swim counter current unit installed in the pool the training effect is that of a much larger pool. By swimming “on the spot” in the pool you can train and practice your swimming technique at the same time building up your strength and endurance.


Jet Swim 2000 and Jet Swim 1200, and they can be installed in any type of pool. 

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